Syria: 11 killed by landmine explosion should draw attention to combating mines urgency

Eleven Syrian civilians have been killed and others injured due to a landmine explosion in their vehicle near the Daraa Governorate, southern Syria, Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor expressed on Sunday with deep regret in a statement.

A landmine from the remnants of war exploded Saturday when a pick-up truck carrying more than 35 civilians ran over it. The victims included women and children who were heading to work in agricultural lands near the village of Deir al-Adas, northwest of Daraa. About 25 others were wounded, some with serious injuries.

The incident is a tragic reminder of the deadly dangers posed by landmines in Syria, especially in light of the absence of a national or international program to clear mines in the country, despite their extensive spread due to the conflict that has been going on for more than 11 years.

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Source: Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor