Sri Lanka’s demining program commended at Geneva’s International Director’s Meeting

The 30-year-long civil conflict in Sri Lanka left many areas of the Northern and Eastern part of the country contaminated by anti-personnel mines and Explosive Remnants of War (ERW). The International Meeting on Mine Action for National Directors and UN Advisors was held from 5 to 8 February in Geneva at the UN office. This meeting was aimed at discussing the lesson learnt, best practices and emerging issues of the mine-affected countries.

It is noted that the Suspected Hazardous Area was initially 1302 km2 mostly in the eight districts of the Northern and Eastern Provinces. The mines clearance program enabled the release of a large area of 1277 km2 for safe settlement, and as a result directly and indirectly contributed to the resettlement of 258,000 families, said Ministry of National Policies, Economic Affairs, Resettlement and Rehabilitation Secretary and Vocational Training and Skills Development, Permanent Resident Representative V. Sivagnanasothy.

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Source: Daily FT