Somalia: Ten Al-Shabaab militants killed in own IED blast in Mudug region

At least 10 al-Shabaab militants, among them senior commanders were on Friday killed in a landmine explosion after their vehicle ran into on an IED in an area around Qay’ad, Mudug region, central Somalia.

In a case of falling into one’s own trap, locals reported that the blast was caused by a landmine, believed to have been planted by Al-Shabaab meant to hurt civilians and government officials.

This is not the first time the militant group has fallen into its own trap as it has on some previous occasions been harmed by landmines intended to harm government forces and civilians in areas under its control. Many civilians have lost their lives in roadside bombs planted by the group in the southern Mudug region, with one of the worst cases being an IED explosion on June 27 in Wisil area that killed more than 30 civilians.

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Source: Galmudug News