Peshmerga forces train to counter IED threat

Zeravani soldiers conducted Counter-Improvised Explosive Device training exercises at Bnaslawa Training Center near Erbil, Iraq, July 25, 2019. An Italian Army C-IED Mobile Training Team trained the soldiers to detect and defeat explosive hazards commonly found on the battlefield.

Zeravani are a specialized branch of Peshmerga forces operated by the Kurdistan Regional Government. The Kirkuk-based team members are among thousands of local soldiers and police to undergo Coalition-led training at one of the Kurdistan Training Coordination Center’s four training centers across the Kurdistan region.

The aim of the course is to train “detect and defeat” instructors. Detect operators learn to search routes, areas and buildings for possible explosives, unexploded ordnance and enemy caches, and mark any finding for the follow-on defeat team. Defeat operators are trained to intervene on the detect team’s findings in order to carry out the proper procedures that renders the area safe.

The training at Bnaslawa verifies that the trainees can properly perform the detect and defeat procedures. Additionally, they learn how to plan and deliver C-IED training to other Zeravani teams.

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Source: DVIDS