Need for dedicated counter-IED resources for peacekeeping missions facing threats: India

With UN peacekeeping missions suffering casualties due to use of improvised explosive devices, India has said there is a need for dedicated counter-IED resources for missions facing such threats and for upgrading the security infrastructure of camps.

Military Adviser in India’s Permanent Mission to the UN Colonel Sandeep Kapoor said that an analysis of the fatal casualties among peacekeeping personnel in the last four years indicate that at least a quarter of them were due to improvised explosive devices (IED) attacks.

“While a number of initiatives have been taken to incorporate Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) measures in the field, we feel that there is a requirement of dedicated counter-IED resources for missions facing such threats. There should also be concerted efforts to upgrade the security infrastructure of camps as a number of casualties have been related to direct attacks on the security camps,” he said while speaking at a Security Council Working Group on Peacekeeping Operations here Wednesday.

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Source: Daily Excelsior