Myanmar: Landmine conflict leaves villagers and local leaders with no answers

Ye Township in the far south of Mon State and Ye PhyuTownship in the Tanintharyi region is home to the Karen, Mon, Dawei, and Burmese ethnic nationalities. The majority of Mon peoples earn a living through plantations growing rubber, betel nut, durian, and other types of fruits.

Ethnic armed organizations such as New Mon State Party (NMSP) and the Karen National Union (KNU) have been active in these areas for many years. Not coincidentally, these are also the areas that are not accessible to the government.

Since 2017-18, there have been at least ten landmine explosions that have left people with serious injuries. This includes an NMSP member and six civilians. All of the landmine victims had their legs amputated. No individual or group has taken responsibility for planting these landmines.

There are rumours at the village level, that a group of people, or organizations have been laying landmines and threatening local people not to go to their plantations during the fruiting season.

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Source: BNI Online