MPs Complete Site Exploitation Course

Two teams of Military Police gathered at the objective rally point next to the testing area. Air insertion placed them approximately 250 meters from the exploitation site.

While junior Soldiers maintained security, noncommissioned officers from both teams looked over a map, formulating a plan to safely infiltrate the test area. The objective, two buildings containing role players, weapons, sensitive information and a buried cache, was hidden in the forest.

Eleven Soldiers from the 615th Military Police Company gathered to perform the Combined Arms Training Course’s site exploitation culmination test, while maintaining COVID-19 health protocols, May 14. The 5-day site exploitation course developed knowledge and skills to conduct material and personnel exploitation to feed future operations and targeting.

Prior to the second team’s arrival, three Soldiers established a safe route using a metal detector. Throughout the test area, smoke canisters were hidden to simulate improvised explosive devices.

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Source: DVIDS