Keeping all Sri Lankans safe

Our beautiful country has steadily recovered from the long conflict of three decades. The nation is on its determined journey towards restoration and reconciliation. The sound of gunfire and exploding shells have ceased since 2009. But many people have not fully understood the massive humanitarian demining operation undertaken by the Sri Lanka Army over the past 11 years. It has been a silent service, performed amidst difficult terrain.

The battles were won, yet thousands of mines, UXOs (unexploded ordnance) and ERWs (explosive remnants of war) had dotted areas in the Northern and Eastern Provinces. With systematic assessment and Brigadier Pradeep Gunawardene

coordination, working alongside the National Mine Action Centre (NMAC), the Sri Lanka Army Humanitarian Demining Unit (SLA-HDU) has done a tremendous task of clearing concealed mines. There are two foreign INGOs and two local NGOs who are engaged in mine clearing operations at present.

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Source: The Daily News