Joint military counter-terror training operation between Egypt and US

The Egyptian army announced joint military training exercises with the United States on Thursday, to combat terrorism and reducing the threat of improvised explosive devices (IED), two days before the launch of “Operation Bright Star.”

A military spokesman, Col. Tamer Al-Rifai, stated that “training was conducted to exchange expertise in counter-terrorism between elements of the American Special Forces (SOFD-A) and Egyptian Thunderbolt Forces in order to consolidate operational concepts, training on the joint teamwork and rehabilitate the forces to implement future planned stages.”

He explained that the training “included many theoretical and practical lectures in the field of counterterrorism, methods of handling IED, training in air and sea freight and combat diving, in addition to medical insurance, the use of nonstandard live ammunition from various weapons as well as training to infiltrate a terrorist outpost.”

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Source: Middle East Monitor