India: Signs of trouble. On explosions in Coimbatore and Mangaluru

The blast in Mangaluru in Karnataka on November 19 is a troubling sign of the radicalisation among a section of Muslims. Mohammed Shariq, who was allegedly carrying the improvised explosive device (IED) in a pressure cooker in an autorickshaw, may be linked to the Islamic State, at least ideologically, according to investigators. The police have searched at least seven places in Karnataka and are investigating his possible links with Jameesha Mubin who was killed in a blast in his own car in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu on October 23. Shariq had travelled to several places in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, and according to the police, experimented with a bomb in Shivamogga district on September 21. His two accomplices were caught but he managed to evade the police and resurfaced in Mysuru where he continued to build an explosive device.

The police believe that the accused — he suffered severe burn injuries in the blast — will survive and reveal more information. The accused was in touch with multiple handlers who may have been involved in the Coimbatore blast too. Investigators had recovered 75 kg of explosives from the house of Mubin. The real extent of the capacity, the intent and the connections of these two incidents remain a matter of investigation, but what is known so far itself is enough cause for worry.

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Source: The Hindu

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