India: Booby Traps Turn Into Threats For Forces In Maoist-Affected Regions

At a time when the number of Maoists is reducing, guerrilla militants are increasingly preferring to use ‘booby traps’ to ensure maximum damage to the security forces without losing even a single comrade.

Booby trap, a mechanism often used during warfare, is a device or setup intended to kill or harm. It is triggered by the presence or actions of the victim and sometimes has some form of bait designed to draw the victim towards it.

The trap may be a needle, a stone, branch of a tree lying on road or anything that cannot be expected. It can also be triggered by vehicles driving along a road, as in the case of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED). With just a touch to these traps, an IED explosion would happen and kill security personnel.

Image: The Times Of Republic

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Source: The Times of Republic