IED attacks on Western military and diplomatic assets witness a surge in Iraq

These attacks come in parallel to and complement those with rockets and mortars targeting foreign and especially the US, military and diplomatic assets to force a US withdrawal

On September 15, a roadside bombing attack targeted British diplomatic vehicles in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. The attack targeted an embassy convoy on a Baghdad highway close to the Umm al-Tabool Mosque, the British Embassy and Iraqi security officials said. “We can confirm that one British Embassy Baghdad vehicle was struck by a roadside improvised explosive device (IED) this morning in Baghdad.

There were no casualties,” an Embassy Spokesperson said on September 15. “The safety and security of our staff is of paramount importance and we are in close touch with the Iraqi authorities,” the statement from the British Embassy further said. The attack is the first in months to target a diplomatic convoy and comes amid near daily rocket attacks aimed at the Green Zone and Iraqi army bases hosting the U.S. troops. The Green Zone is home to the seat of Iraq’s government and also many foreign Embassies, including the British and the United States.

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Source: New Delhi Times