EOD disposes of 2000-pound bomb

The explosive ordnance disposal team stationed on Al Dhafra Air Base performed a controlled detonation on a 2000-pound bomb May 18, 2019.

Staff Sgt. Joseph Schmidt, 380th Expeditionary Civil Engineer Squadron EOD team leader, said that the bomb was no longer serviceable and could no longer be dropped from an aircraft.

The Mark 84 general-purpose bomb left a crater approximately 10-feet deep with a circumference of 25 feet. Schmidt said they used six blocks of C-4 explosives, which is the main, general demolition charge used by the EOD team.

With any detonation, however, safety is always a concern.

“Especially that size of bomb, it has a pretty big fragmentation distance,” said Schmidt. “All those pieces of metal coming off the bomb can fly. So we were almost two miles away from the bomb when we detonated it. Just to be safe from any fragmentation.”

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Source: DVIDS