Desi Mudhol hunting hounds to help Indian Army sniff out IEDs, aid counterinsurgency ops

Three years after the Army inducted the indigenous breed of Mudhol hounds in its inventory, the canines have now been validated at several units for operations and other routine duties, top sources have told ThePrint.

The training of these Karnataka-origin hunting hounds first started in 2016 by the Army’s Remount and Veterinary Corps (RVC) centre in Meerut. The dogs are expected to play a crucial role in detecting Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and tracking during counterinsurgency operations carried out by the Army, among other roles.

Sources in the Army also said that training of these canines at different locations — depending on terrain and climatic conditions — is over and validation to induct them into operations has already been received from some units to which they were attached. They will be deployed in the sensitive army units of Jammu and Kashmir, and the Northeast.

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Source: The Print