Czech Republic Identifies Resolute Support Service Members Killed During Patrol

The Czech Republic identified that the three Resolute Support service members killed by a suicide bomber during a patrol with Afghan forces in eastern Afghanistan, August 5, were from the Army of the Czech Republic.

“The tragic death of our three soldiers has hit me very much, and I want to express my deep condolences to all families and loved ones,” said Lubomír Metnar, Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces of the Czech Republic minister.

Czech Republic President Miloš Zeman also released a statement through his spokesman to express his country’s sympathy and resolve.

“Deep regret and sympathy for all relatives of the soldiers killed today by the suicide bomber, but it should not discourage us from continuing to fight international terrorism,” said the presidential spokesman.

The Armed Forces of the Czech Republic also hailed the three in a statement.

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Source: NATO