Counter-IED Training with the Uruguayan Army

HARTFORD, Conn. – Smiles, laughter, and jokes permeated throughout a room in the Hartford Armory as seven members of the 192nd Engineer Battalion met with state partnership program director, Maj. Nick Raphael, to complete an after-action report for their recent trip to Uruguay.

The team conducted Counter-IED (improvised explosive device) training with the Uruguayan Army in Montevideo, Uruguay, July 15-25, 2022, as part of a bilateral exchange between the two partners.

The group worked with Uruguayan Army instructors and a diverse rank structure of more than 30 Uruguayan Soldiers preparing to deploy to Africa and Syria in support of U.N. peacekeeing missions. The Soldiers were mostly non-commissioned officers and junior officers, representing artillery, infantry, scuba divers, K-9 handlers, engineers, and armor specialties, with the goal of training the trainers.

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Source: U.S. Army