Canadian clearance diving officer disarmed improvised explosive devices in small UK village

Lt(N) Kevin Okihiro knew he would have to disarm nearly a dozen incendiary improvised explosive devices when he arrived at the small Cornish village of Upton Cross in South West England.

The moment seemed surreal and unfolded like his training, but it was not a drill.

The landlord of a car mechanic garage had come upon firebombs on the morning of Aug. 26, 2019.

“When we got the call I was on duty,” said Lt(N) Okihiro. “We are held at 10 minutes’ notice to move, so we have to respond quickly.”

The Royal Canadian Navy clearance diving officer has been posted to the United Kingdom (UK) on a three-year exchange with the Royal Navy Fleet Diving Squadron. The posting is to help him gain experience while acting as the No. 1 Improvised Explosive Device Disposal Operator and bomb disposal team leader on domestic operational taskings in support of UK Civil Authorities.

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Source: The Lookout