Cambodia: Deminers remove 74 MD-82 anti-personnel land​mines in Udong district, Kampong Speu

The deminers from Cambodian Mine Action Centre (CMAC) this week have found 74 anti-personnel landmines in Oudong district of Kampong Speu province.

CMAC director general Heng Ratana said the landmines, identified as MD-82s, were removed by the demining force during their operations in the district from December 16 to 20.

According to experts, the MD-82 is a small high-explosive, cylindrical, non-metallic, pressure-initiated, plastic-bodied, anti-personnel, landmine which is designed to wound or kill by its blast effect. The landmine has a small knurled detonator cavity cap on the bottom which also acts as the detonator carrier and is actuated by a pressure of just 4kg.

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Source: Khmer Times