Brevet Promotion Program: EOD officer promotes through ATMTF

While COVID-19 consumed much of the attention in all of 2020, the Army was making adjustments in favor of its Soldiers in early 2020. One change was the implementation of the Brevet Promotion Program, a program intended to alleviate critical shortages of officers to better leverage the talents of junior officers and to incentivize retention of those officers in whom the Army invested for education and experience.

Maj. Emily H. Spencer with 71st Ordnance Group (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) was selected for a promotion to lieutenant colonel Sept. 3 through the program.

The brevet promotion program selects officers for temporary promotion to serve at the next higher rank in a critical billet and entitles an officer to be temporarily promoted to the next grade and avail the pay and benefits of the higher rank.

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Source: CSMNG News