Australian terror threat: National strategy to protect crowds unveiled

From architects to bar staff, Australians involved in managing crowds will be urged to plug security into their everyday thinking to prevent terror attacks under a national strategy that will embed long-term changes into the country’s public spaces.

The major blueprint gives detailed advice to owners and operators of places that attract crowds on how to cut the risk of car and truck attacks, homemade bombs, knife and gun assaults and chemical attacks.

The strategy, which Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will unveil on Sunday, follows a rising tide of mass-casualty attacks particularly in Europe and comes just days after the latest carnage in Spain. An Australian seven-year-old boy is missing after a van ploughed down a popular tourist boulevard, killing at least 14 people.

Underscoring the shift in thinking that will be needed for what the government says will be an enduring threat, the strategy covers everything from building designs that incorporate decorative barriers, to encouraging venue staff to have prearranged messages and codes to communicate during a terror attack.

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Source: The Sydney Morning Herald.