AFIMSC Airman earns USMC leadership school distinction

For Master Sgt. Paul Willson, attending the advanced Marine Corps Staff NCO Academy at Camp Pendleton, California, was the natural thing to do.

As a career explosive ordnance disposal technician, Willson has always worked closely with other branches, beginning with the Naval EOD School all services attend and continuing through combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan where he teamed up with Army, Navy and Marine EOD technicians.

“The decision to try for a sister service professional military education came easily,” he said. “I’ve always been interested in the joint community and those relationships will only get closer as the need for multi-domain operations becomes increasingly necessary.”

Willson, an EOD and emergency management training and support manager in the AFIMSC Expeditionary Support Directorate, earned distinguished graduate honors when he completed the school in September.

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Source: Edwards Air Force Base