Napal: Two injured in IED explosion in Banke

An improvised explosive device went off when it was being allegedly made in a room of a cadre belonging to the Biplab-led Maoist party on Wednesday.

The IED exploded when it was being made in the room of Dilli Chhetri from Bhrikuti Nagar, Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolis-10. Chhetri is Banke District Chapter Chairman of All Nepal Revolutionary aligned to Biplav-led party, according to Superintendent of Police, Shyam Krishna Adhikari.

A police team reached the site after it learnt that an IED was being made. Those involved in making explosives rushed out of the room after knowing that police personnel were reaching there, resulting in a sudden explosion of the IED made out of a pressure cooker.

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Source: myRepublica