The NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency

NCI agency logoThe NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency was established on 1 July as a result of the merger of the NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency (NC3A), the NATO ACCS Management Agency (NACMA), the NATO Communications and Information System Services Agency (NCSA), the ALTBMD Programme and elements of NATO HQ.

The establishment of the Agency is part of a broader NATO reform.  The new NCI Agency “connects forces, NATO and Nations”- it is NATO’s IT and C4ISR provider, including cyber and missile defence.

The new Agency will be built up in three phases:

  • Consolidation, which will last until end of 2012 – the establishment of a new streamlined and reduced executive management structure, as well as the phased merger of support services (e.g. human Resources, finance, general services) from across the constituent entities. Other elements join ‘as is, where is’.  This will result in 5% savings of the operating costs of the new Agency (e.g. we now have one General Manager replacing three);
  • Rationalisation in 2013 – the rationalisation phase will be the core of the change. This is where the ‘engine rooms’ of the current agencies will be merged into a single, effective IT
    organisation, built using best industry practice. At the end of this phase we will be able to start delivering shared IT services to all NATO entities and start full customer funding;
  • Optimization in 2014 – the last phase is the optimisation phase, which allow for 20% savings.
    A key priority for the transition process is continuity of service, especially support to NATO operations.

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