The Explosive Ordnance Disposal Centre of Excellence – EOD COE

NATO EOD COE logoNATO Centres of Excellence are one of the tools of NATO Supreme Allied Commander for Transformation aiming to improve military capabilities, value and efficiency of the Alliance. They are nationally or multi-nationally sponsored entities offering recognized expertise and experience to the benefit of the Alliance, especially in support of transformation.

The Explosive Ordnance Disposal Centre of Excellence (EOD COE) was founded in 2007, three years after Slovak Republic joined NATO and volunteered to establish the EOD COE on its territory. With the Slovak Republic as a Framework Nation, providing the Centre with infrastructure and the main manning body, the EOD COE is supported by four Sponsoring Nations (CZE, HUN, POL and ROU).

Since its establishment, the EOD COE has been solidifying its leading position within the EOD community. The expertise accumulated within the Centre has fostered the development of future EOD capabilities in support of the NATO level of ambitions.

In order to enhance the interoperability within the NATO, the EOD COE contributes to the NATO standardization process by supporting the development of the Allied EOD publications, leading to the creation of the first ever NATO EOD Doctrine promulgated at the beginning of 2018. We also support selected NATO Working Groups (WG), mainly EOD WG, MILENG WG, Force Protection WG and C-IED WG. Within the EOD WG, we volunteered to lead the Terminology Team and the Lessons Learned Team. As such, we are leading the development of NATO EOD Terminology.

Witnessing more and more attacks happening in every part of the world, homemade explosives are still a growing concern for NATO due to the availability of precursors on the market. In order to face this challenge, the EOD COE organizes homemade explosives courses at basic and advanced levels. Based on NATO request, the Centre assumed the role of a project manager for NATO CBRN EOD Incident Management Training.

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