SENSYS creates high-end survey solutions for a global market after beginning as a one-man operation and expanding to a team of 50 devoted workers.

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Fischer, an electrical engineer by training, launched the business in 1990 with the intention of providing visualisation software for MRT systems to the medical industry. The business became one of the top suppliers of magnetic and electromagnetic survey systems and components with its objective to always service the unique demands of its clients.

Key sensors in SENSYS’ portfolio include fluxgate magnetometers and TDEM coils, which are used by clients who offer a range of delicate services in challenging and dangerous locations.

To concentrate on their task, EOD technicians, geophysicists, archaeologists, and offshore surveyors require unbreakable equipment. A variety of solutions needed to be carried by a man in the field, hauled by cars or robots, flown by drones, or driven by autonomous vehicles offshore in order to find and detect explosives and ammunition, subsurface infrastructure, or historical landmarks. The SENSYS product line includes carrier platforms, magnetometers, data acquisition units, recording and processing software, as well as software-only applications and full survey systems.

SENSYS provides only the best match to every client in more than 90 countries across the world with the help of qualified consultation, training, service, and support.

Rabenfelde 5,
D-15526 Bad Saarow,
T: +49 (33631) 59650