VRAI have created an AI powered VR training platform called HEAT www.heatvr.io. VRAI are working with organisations who have huge experience operating in high hazard environments such as UNMAS and the Irish Defence Forces. VRAI’s AI powered VR training platform, HEAT, is designed to allow training to be conducted with reduced risk, measurable and effective training outcomes as well as data driven insights.

HEAT – Virtual Reality Training Platform

52% of Fortune 500 Companies have suffered a death or serious injury in the past 18 months. HEAT, (Hazard Environmental Awareness Training) is a powerful platform VRAI created to solve this problem. The platform is customised for each company to train their employees for risky situations, in remote environments or on rare machinery. As well as reducing injuries & saving lives it improves operational performance & standardised high quality training. The platform also has a powerful data capture with analytics engine. This measures & records the training effectiveness, collects sensory data, allowing the trainer to set parameters keeping all this information on the trainees dashboard profile which is accessible from the cloud.

In March 2018 VRAI partnered with The United Nations to create an IED detection experience. The objective was to show people, both inside and outside Somalia, the challenges and dangers faced by these soldiers every day. They used VR to put the participant in the soldier’s boots to see & hear what the soldiers face.

The UNMAS (United Nations Mine Action Service) mission in Somalia primarily focuses around counter IED (improvised explosive device) training for soldiers in the AMSOM (African Union Mission in Somalia) with a view to reopening MSR (Main supply routes) to FOBs (Forward operating bases).


The overall concept was to employ the technique of mixing real footage with computer-generated imagery in a game engine to maximise the believability and therefore the emotional impact of the experience.

Filming took place in Mogadishu. To fully understand they travelled in a convoy through Mogadishu to one of AMISOMs Forward Operating Bases about 30Km from the city. The end result is a tension-filled experience that tests the observation skills, patience and leadership of those willing to take the challenge.

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