VRAI developed HEAT – a data driven VR simulation platform with data capture & analytics capabilities powered by machine learning.

We have innovatively combined Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide enterprise and public service organisations with a scalable, remote training solution. VR simulation training provides reduced risk, improved outcomes and increased information retention in comparison to traditional training.

Our mission is to help large organisations whose activities are risky, remote or rare to train in a more authentic, memorable & measurable way.

HEAT –  Virtual Reality Simulation Training



Virtual Reality Case Studies

In March 2018 VRAI partnered with The United Nations to create an IED detection experience. The objective was to show people, both inside and outside Somalia, the challenges and dangers faced by these soldiers every day. They used VR to put the participant in the soldier’s boots to see & hear what the soldiers face.

The UNMAS (United Nations Mine Action Service) mission in Somalia primarily focuses around counter IED (improvised explosive device) training for soldiers in the AMSOM (African Union Mission in Somalia) with a view to reopening MSR (Main supply routes) to FOBs (Forward operating bases).



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