Yemen: 1,700 Shells, Cluster Bombs Discovered by YEMAC in Four Provinces

The Executive Office for YEMAC confirmed the discovery of 1,706 shells and remnants of Saudi-led coalition weapons, most of which were prohibited projectiles and explosives.

The office indicated, in a statistic published Sunday on its Twitter account, that it had discovered 50 cluster bombs, 39 anti-tank mines, and 33 anti-personnel mines in those provinces.

Field teams on awareness of the mines dangers targeted 17,483 citizens and school students in five districts in Taiz province, including Mawiya, Same’, Khadir, Shara’ab Al-Salam, and Shara’ab Al-Runa, during the period (from 21 to 27 of October), according to the YEMAC office.

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Source: الخبر اليمني