What do we know about unexploded WW2 bombs?

Hundreds of thousands of bombs were dropped on Britain during World War Two, some of which never exploded, so perhaps it should not be a surprise that they are still being found more than 75 years after the end of the war. But how much do we know about them?

The discovery of an unexploded World War Two bomb in Exeter resulted in a military response, thousands of residents being evacuated from their homes and extensive damage to nearby properties.

After being discovered on an allotment due for development, the 2,200lb (1,000kg) German bomb was blown up on Saturday in a controlled explosion, leaving a crater the size of three double-decker buses.

Residents have all been allowed back into their homes but many of the properties are “uninhabitable” according to Exeter City Council. About 300 students are still waiting to be allowed back into their accommodation.

The BBC has spoken to a series of experts about the wider questions surrounding unexploded ordnance.

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Source: BBC News