UNMAS demolishes its one millionth explosive item in South Sudan – a 100kg bomb

A newly-cleared mine field was turned into an arena for a big bang today, as the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) demolished a 100kg air-dropped bomb in South Sudan, marking its one millionth destruction of explosive items in the world’s youngest nation.

“Today, UNMAS, the National Mine Action Authority, and the mine action operators in South Sudan have gathered to destroy an aircraft bomb which was recovered from Juba just last week, to commemorate the fact that together, we have now destroyed one million explosive items in this country,” declared Richard Boulter, the UNMAS South Sudan Programme Manager.

Mr. Bouler was speaking shortly after carefully coordinated safety briefings, a demo, and a call that was followed by the big bomb bang, with dark plumes of smog rising into the slightly murky tropical sky.

Witnessed by local and international journalists, the demolition took place at an isolated area near Jebel Lumuni, a small mountain located about 15km south of South Sudan’s capital, Juba.

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Source: ReliefWeb