Ukraine: Unidentified uncrewed surface vessel found on a beach near Russia’s naval base at Sevastopol

An unidentified USV (uncrewed surface vessel) was found on a beach near Russia’s major naval base at Sevastopol today. Omega Bay is just outside the entrance to the harbor and is in an area used by the Russian Navy. It is around 150 nautical miles from Ukrainian controlled coasts.

The bespoke vessel is small but purposeful. It is powered by a single motor, mounted inboard, driving a steerable waterjet. This suggests relatively high performance, it is made for speed. And such a small vessel, about the size of a kayak, would likely have a very small radar signature. Photos do not show the interior of the device. Its curved shaping, with external reinforcing, suggests a warhead. Possibly an air launched bomb or artillery shell, pointing forward and possibly slanted downwards.

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Source: Naval News

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