Tripartite meeting focuses on intel cooperation

March 2, 2017

Afghan, NATO and Pakistani military officials met in Kabul yesterday and discussed security along Afghan-Pak border, countering roadside bombs and sharing intelligence.

A statement from NATO’s resolute support said on Thursday security was again the agenda when representatives from the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces joined with Pakistani Army officials at NATO’s Resolute Support Headquarters here.

The meeting was part of the ongoing “One-Star Tripartite,” a monthly event facilitated by Italian Brig. Gen. Giovanni Parmiggiani, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, Resolute Support.

The Tripartite establishes a venue for Afghan-Pak stakeholders to discuss border issues at the one-star general officer level. In addition to the regular meeting, they also met to discuss countering the improvised explosive device threat, along with operations and intelligence.

The statement said the tripartite forum’s goal was to reduce tension on the border while increasing coordination, and expanding cooperation in the ongoing fight against IEDs.

“RS is deeply persuaded that constructive discussions between Afghanistan and Pakistan must continue, especially at times when tensions are elevated,” Parmiggiani said.

“Constant dialogue is … necessary to prevent further escalation, to come to a common understanding of problems and potential avenues for Af-Pak achievements, and security improvement in the shared border region.”

ANDSF participants included Brig. Gen. Sanaulhaq Badr, first deputy of GS Engineering Directorate, and Col. Ghulam Sakhi Aslamyar, senior ANDSF liaison officer at the NATO RS HQ Tripartite Joint Operations Center.

The Pakistani delegation was led by Brig. Gen. Swati, the senior Pakistani Army officer assigned to the NATO RS TJOC.

The meetings focused on sharing of information and charting a clear agenda for improved coordination between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Parmiggiani chaired the day’s events, assisted by TJOC NATO personnel, and led participants through a series of discussions that gave attendees the opportunity to tackle numerous challenging Af-Pak border subjects.

He clearly explained RS’s stance on the current situation along the Durand Line. “We were extremely happy to have facilitated a ‘re-start’ of the counter-IED discussion forum at the tripartite one-star level,” Parmiggiani explained.

“This will provide a significant connection between the two Armies for the counter-IED fight.”

RS has held Tripartite meetings on a monthly basis since October 2016. However, this was the first Counter-IED Tripartite since May 2015, and represented an opportunity for increased cooperation for both sides.

“RS HQ is encouraged that persistent engagement by Afghans and Pakistani military professionals will complement other discussions taking place between the two countries.”

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