Train the trainers: Afghan explosive device experts graduated in Herat

IED’s are deceitful. Improvised explosive devices remain one of the biggest threats to Afghan civilians as well as armed forces. Thus, NATO continues to train experts for the purpose of reducing the hazard. A group of ten new Afghan trainers have recently completed their “Explosive Hazard Reduction” course at NATOs Train, Advise and Assist Command-West (TAAC-W) in Herat. The course was provided by “Friuli” Airmobile Brigade (Air Assault).

The course was part of a training program organized by the unit’s Military Advisory Team with help from a Joint Engineering unit. The ultimate goal of the training is to reduce the number of incidents where the local civilian population or local security forces are hurt by mines, unexploded ammunition or Improvised Explosive Devices.

The students learned the techniques required to properly secure the area, approach explosive charges, and render the charge harmless. The new graduates are now capable of operating in safety while protecting the civilian population who are too often affected by IEDs.

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Source: NATO Resolute Support Afghanistan