Sri Lanka: Japan to support humanitarian demining activities in North

The Government of Japan has provided a total sum of US$ 636,262 (approx. Rs. 115 million) to the Mines Advisory Group (MAG) for humanitarian demining activities in Northern Sri Lanka.

The grant contract was signed on the 23rd December 2020 at the Ambassador’s Residence in Colombo, between Mr. SUGIYAMA Akira, Ambassador of Japan and Ms. Emilie Mbaye, Interim Country Director of MAG.

The project will contribute to the efforts of the Government of Sri Lanka in ensuring that mine-contaminated areas are safe, enabling the resettlement of displaced people and enhancing directly or indirectly more than 8,000 people’s livelihoods in the Mannar and Vavuniya Districts.

MAG commenced operations in Sri Lanka in 2002 with approximately 20% of its clearance activities accomplished through Japanese assistance. Since 2009 when precise data was made available, MAG has released the total of 93km2 of suspected contaminated land in the country.

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Source: Ada Darana News