Russian PTKM-1R Top-attack Anti-vehicle Mine Documented in Ukraine

Images shared to social media indicate that the Russian PTKM-1R (ПТКМ-1Р) top-attack anti-vehicle landmine was recently employed in Ukraine. This munition is not known to have been previously employed on operations. It was shown for the first time outside Russia by Rosoboronexport JSC in November and December last year, when it was displayed at the Egyptian Defence Expo (EDEX) 2021.

The PTKM-1R is distinct from conventional anti-vehicle mines in its ability to attack the top of an armoured vehicle. The top of a tank or other armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) is typically fitted with thinner armour than its front or sides—hence the top is almost always the most vulnerable aspect of an armoured vehicle.

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Source: Armament Research Services