Protecting our United Kingdom

Ask yourself, what is the purpose of any army? – of course, it is to protect the United Kingdom by being ready to fight and win wars on land. So, protect is the common weft weaving its way through the fabric of the Army underpinning its very existence. Army Expo 22’s Protect stand touched on such wide-ranging subjects as: bomb disposal, state ceremonial, flood defence and the recent support given to the nation during its darkest months of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Protect stand itself was divided up into three sub-categories: Innovation & Experimentation, Homeland Resilience Operations and the Army’s Institutional Foundation or put more simply, the delivery of physical, morale and conceptual support not only to its own personnel but also the people and communities it serves.

Under the ‘Future Soldier’ concept the British Army is progressing through its most radical transformation and will emerge as one of the most technologically advanced fighting forces on the planet; more lethal, agile, expeditionary, and resilient in its approach to conflict – in essence taking the cutting edge to the front line.

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Source: British Army