Police Scotland welcomes sentencing of Nikolaos Karvounakis

Police Scotland has welcomed the sentencing of Nikolaos Karvounakis after he left an improvised explosive device (IED) in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh in January 2018.

Th 35-year-old was sentenced to eight years and four months at the High Court in Edinburgh today (Wednesday, 16 February, 2022).

Detective Chief Superintendent Stuart Houston, Police Scotland’s Head of Counter Terrorism Unit, said:

“The sentencing of Nikolaos Karvounakis is the culmination of a four year investigation. Police Scotland Counter Terrorism investigators worked with colleagues in agencies both in the UK and Europe and the subsequent conviction and sentencing is testament to the dedication of law enforcement and partners that they were able to piece together the actions of this individual. The ideological beliefs held by Karvounakis were unusual and based on eco-extremism aligned to an international terror group originating from Mexico known as ITS which had been seen in other European counties, but not previously in Scotland.

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Source: Police Scotland