Pentagon updates electronic warfare handbook with new cross-branch approach

WASHINGTON — The U.S. military has updated its handbook on electronic warfare, changing it to a more all-encompassing, cross-branch approach for planning, executing and assessing operations on the electromagnetic spectrum.

The document, which is dated May 2020 but was not made public until late July, eliminates and replaces the previous joint publication for electronic warfare and provides principles and guidance related to joint electromagnetic spectrum operations, or JEMSO.

The Department of Defense has undergone a renaissance of sorts in the electronic warfare sphere over the past several years. By and large, the department divested much of its electronic warfare capabilities after the Cold War. During counterinsurgency efforts in the last 20 years, the military used blunt jamming tools to thwart improvised explosive devices, which, in turn, inadvertently jammed friendly systems.

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Source: C4ISRNET