Pakistan Navy EOD participates in 8th multinational exercise NUSRET 2021 at Turkey

Pakistan Navy participated in 8th multinational special operations exercise ‘NUSRET 2021’ at Canakkale, Turkey. PN Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team participated alongwith teams of other countries under the auspices of Turkish authorities.

Teams from Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Iraq, Libya, Oman, Republic of Korea, Romania and Tanzania participated in the exercise. Representatives from NATO Mine Counter Measure (MCM) Group, NATO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation also participated in the exercise.

The exercise was designed to exchange professional expertise in Special Operation Forces (SOF) domain. The aim of exercise was to developed synergy, strengthen military relationships and enhance interoperability among Special Operation Forces of participating countries. The Multinational Exercise focused on operations which include Under Water EOD Operations and Mines Counter Measures in maritime domain.

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Source: The Nation