Russian combat engineers to show ‘smart’ mine detectors at Army-2017 forum

March 21, 2017

Russian combat engineers will show promising minesweepers and ‘smart’ detectors of explosives at the Army-2017 international military and technical forum, Chief of Russia’s Engineer Troops Lieutenant-General Yuri Stavitsky said on Tuesday.

“We’ll demonstrate a whole range of existing and promising engineer reconnaissance tools, including the most advanced devices whose work is based on the combination of the physical principles of searching for, detecting and identifying explosive items in various concealing environments,” the general said.

As the chief of Russia’s engineer troops said, the smart detectors can locate mines and improvised explosives in metal enclosures and electricity non-conductive casings at a depth of up to 70 cm. They will also be able to determine the depth of mine laying and the type of metal (ferrous or non-ferrous) the ordnance is made of, he added.

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Source: Tass.