News – October 2016

Nanobionic spinach plants can detect explosives
October 31, 2016
Spinach is no longer just a superfood: By embedding leaves with carbon nanotubes, MIT engineers have transformed spinach plants into sensors that can detect explosives and wirelessly relay that information to a handheld device similar to a smartphone.

The cunning and cruel bombs used by Isis to stall the Mosul offensive
October 30, 2016
Booby traps hidden in brightly coloured children’s toys are among the terrorist group’s many ploys

Two female ‘Boko Haram’ bombers riding rickshaws kill at least seven in suicide blast after trying to storm a Nigerian refugee camp 
October 29, 2016
Two female suicide bombers suspected to be with Boko Haram have killed at least seven people and injured 24 in a horrific attack in Nigeria on Saturday morning.

Sri Lanka Army Mine Detection Dog Team receives international recognition as 2016 Team of the Year
October 28, 2016
The Marshall Legacy Institute (MLI) of the United States has selected Sri Lanka Army demining team as the Mine Detection Dog Team of the Year in 2016.

Man in court over ‘viable explosive device’ on London Tube train
October 27, 2016
The item found at North Greenwich Tube station was a “pressure”-type bomb with a detonator, a court is told.

Syria: Improvised Mines Kill, Injure Hundreds in Manbij
October 26, 2016
Homemade landmines have killed and injured hundreds of civilians, including dozens of children, in Manbij, a city in northern Syria.

Innovative technologies sought for aviation security
October 21, 2016
A £2 million competition, to help find new ways to protect air passengers, has been announced by the Government’s Future Aviation Security Solutions (FASS) team.

Bahrain to host international defence exhibition & conference
October 19, 2016
Bahrain will host one of the leading international defence exhibitions next year, bringing together the key players from the region and across the world, it was announced on Wednesday.

K-P’s bomb disposal robots out of order
October 19, 2016
Despite playing a vital role in countering terrorism and defusing over 6,000 improvised explosive devices and person-borne improvised explosive devices over the past eight years, Khyber-Pakhtunkwa’s Bomb Disposal Unit is marred by lack of funds and equipment.

Homemade bomb ‘could have been devastating’
October 19, 2016
At least four improvised explosive devices found within the upper apartment, including one that incorporated a typical backyard barbecue propane tank.

Mosul offensive: US expects Isis will use chemical weapons
October 19, 2016
Isis is likely to use chemical weapons in its attempt to repel an Iraqi-led offensive on the city of Mosul, US officials have said.

Pakistan stresses need for chemical, biological weapons’ prevention from non-state actors
October 19, 2016
Pakistan has underscored the need for measures to prevent non-state actors and terrorist groups from obtaining and using chemical and biological weapons, while sharing international community’s concern over the danger of those arms falling into the wrong hands.

Autumn 2016 edition of the Counter-IED Report magazine is now available to read online and in print
October 18, 2016
Articles, in-depth analysis and insights from NATO HQ SACT, C-IED Centre of Excellence, Conflict Armament Research (CAR),  Swedish Armed Forces, Danish Demining Group (DDG)  and many more.

JIDA Leadership Briefings at EOD/IED & Countermine Symposium
October 18, 2016
Defense Strategie Institute’s 4th Annual EOD/IED & Countermine Symposium is next month, occurring on November 7-8, 2016!

Milipol Qatar to feature innovative products
October 18, 2016
Milipol Qatar 2016, a leading event dedicated to homeland security in the Middle East, will feature a number of regional and international companies showcasing new innovative products when it opens in Doha, Qatar later this month.

Daifuku to provide Montréal-Trudeau with new baggage handling system
October 17, 2016
Japanese company Daifuku Airport Technologies (ATec) have been awarded an Explosives Detection System (EDS) contract for its baggage handling system by Montréal-Trudeau International Airport.

Crude weapons, exhausted forces fuel deadly stalemate in Aleppo
October 17, 2016
The siege on rebel-held eastern Aleppo, which is slowlychoking the life out of almost half the city, is being painfully drawn out because neither Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces, nor the opposition are strong enough to win decisively, nor weak enough to be forced to capitulate.

IED found in Guwahati, close shave for children
October 16, 2016
A 2-kg improvised explosive device (IED) was recovered in Guwahati’s Birubari area on Saturday when children were playing with the explosive, a senior police officer said.

Further UK troops train Tunisian forces to counter Daesh
October 15, 2016
UK Armed Forces will provide training to Tunisian forces to help stem the threat posed by Daesh, the Defence Secretary has announced.

Soldiers clear mines with their bare hands in Libya’s Benghazi
October 14, 2016
When the Islamic State (IS) group left Benghazi, Libya’s second city, they also left behind many improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The demining process is dangerous enough for trained professionals clearing standard mines.

Off-road bomb squads: All-terrain vehicle turns bulky EOD specialists into speedy saviors
October 14, 2016
A U.S. company has largely turned the cumbersome suits and equipment of explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) personnel into a non-factor with its new off-road vehicle.

In the Works: System in place for Military Working Dogs
October 13, 2016
The Department of Defense has many Military Working Dogs that help keep our service members safe.  Some of these animals are trained in drug detection, others in explosive detection and some for patrol work. Others have special training for detecting specific items such as mines.

Flying IEDs: the next big threat?
October 13, 2016
On Tuesday, French media broke the story that two French soldiers in Erbil had been severely injured and two Peshmerga fighters killed by what appears to be the first successful use of a drone carrying explosives.

AMISOM Troops Struggle to Counter IED Threat in Somalia
October 13, 2016
A platoon of African Union soldiers patrol a village outside Mogadishu.

Britain must not turn its back on Afghanistan while ‘epic’ number of soldiers are dying
October 13, 2016
Afghan soldiers and civilians are still being injured and killed by the devices in “epic” numbers.

RN divers practise bomb disposal in Iceland for ‘the war on our doorsteps’
October 13, 2016
Navy divers spent a fortnight in Iceland alongside experts from around the world dealing with the latest in home-made bombs.

Soldier killed in PKK attack in Turkey’s southeast
October 13, 2016
One soldier was killed and five security personnel were wounded on Oct. 13 when outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militants detonated an explosive in a rural area of the Beytüşşebap district of the southeastern province of Şırnak.

FBI Takes Over Investigation After Bomb Found At Police Station
October 12, 2016
The Federal Bureau of Investigation has taken over the case of a bomb left at a Colorado police station.

Pakistan: Derailing The Railways – Analysis
October 11, 2016
Two coordinated blasts targeting railway tracks hit near the Rawalpindi-bound Jaffar Express on October 7, 2016, in the Ab-e-Gum area of the Bolan District in Balochistan, killing at least six people and leaving another 18 injured.

IED Drone Kills Kurdish Soldiers, French Commandos
October 11, 2016
On October 2nd, in Irbil, Iraq, a drone flown by ISIS injured two French paratroopers, who were supporting Kurdish forces.

Bomb plot suspect in Germany ‘had contact with IS’
October 10, 2016
A Syrian man suspected of planning a bombing attack before his arrest in Germany is believed to have had contact with the Islamic State group.

Turkey car bombing kills 18
October 9, 2016
The death toll from a car bomb that exploded Sunday in southeast Turkey has risen to 18, Turkish state media report

German police hunt Syrian bomb plot suspect after Chemnitz raid
October 8, 2016
Three people are arrested as local media reports they are investigating a plan to bomb an airport.

Troops stop suicide bomber, reclaims Boko Haram strongholds
October 7, 2016
Troops of the Operation LAFIYA DOLE intercepted and neutralized a male suicide bomber at the outskirts of Maiduguri.

‘A real contribution’ – NZ Army helps train more than 12,000 Iraqi soldiers
October 5, 2016
“The number of Iraqi personnel receiving training, combined with the gradual progress being made by Iraqi forces on the ground against Daesh (ISIS) shows the mission is meeting its aim,” Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee said.


Peru-Ecuador Binational Cabinet to address demining in border region
October 5, 2016
The Peru-Ecuador Binational Cabinet will address mine clearance of the countries’ common borders, Peruvian Ambassador to Quito Elizabeth Astete informed.

UN peacekeeper killed, eight wounded in Mali attack
October 4, 2016
A UN peacekeeper was killed and eight others injured on Monday in an attack on their camp in northeastern Mali near the Algerian border, the United Nations said.

Kenya Defense Forces practice explosive techniques during Deliberate Kindle 2016
October 3, 2016
Approximately 53 Kenya Defense Forces combat engineer soldiers and officers set off explosives with U.S. Navy Sailors from Task Force Sparta during Deliberate Kindle 2016, Sept. 19, at a training center in Kenya.

EOD specialist, Reserve Drill Sgt. earn Soldier, NCO of Year
October 3, 2016
Winners of the Best Warrior competition are: Sgt. 1st Class Joshua Moeller, named NCO of the Year; and Spc. Robert Miller, named Soldier of the Year.

Iraqi Military Faces Oncoming IED Challenge in Mosul
October 3, 2016
Mosul has been transformed into an urban minefield littered with explosives and traps meant to bait troops and technicians into setting them off

Britain pledges £750m to help improve the lives of Afghans following years of war
October 1, 2016
The funding will contribute to the urgent UN flash appeal to help protect internally displaced people who have fled their homes, and clear land mines from areas where people live.

Homemade Bombs Found in Bethel Township Residence
October 1, 2016
A Bethel Township man who threatened his own life during the weekend faces serious charges after two suspected improvised explosive devices were found in his home early Monday morning.