MED-ENG – a brand of The Safariland Group




Med-Eng provides integrated solutions for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and related blast threats.

Med-Eng bomb suits and other blast protective equipment are trusted by Defense Forces, Public Safety Bomb Squads and Demining teams in more than 100 countries and territories, worldwide.

The company has earned its leadership position by providing user-focused solutions that strike an optimal balance between protection, operational capabilities, and ergonomics. This is best exemplified by its EOD 10 generation bomb suit, with its many accessories for supplemental communications, cooling, video collection and chemical/biological protection.

Since Med-Eng was founded in 1981, it has conducted aggressive Research and Development (R&D) programs in the science of blast effects on the human body. These programs include extensive simulated and live testing to evaluate new concepts and validate the performance of new equipment. The knowledge gained from these efforts has been widely shared with the end user community through in-person and on-line training, and has directly advanced the performance of Med-Eng protective equipment.

The Med-Eng Research, Development and Engineering team brings professional expertise in protection against blast, impact, fragmentation, ballistic and thermal threats. The team’s engineering skill sets include mechanical and electrical engineering, firmware and software development, materials science and human factors engineering. After more than 1,000 live blast tests, Med-Eng bomb suits have set the de facto standard for multi-threat protection and operational capabilities. Indeed, the EOD 10 goes far beyond the NIJ standard 0117.01 for public safety bomb suits.

Med-Eng recently introduced the new BombTecTM line of Hook And Line (HAL®), Search and Tools for military and public safety operations, including Bomb Disposal, Search missions, Mine Clearance, and other security tasks. BombTecTM is a system of Kits and Modules that enables users to select and deploy with exactly the right equipment for their particular mission. The Kits provide core, standard and enhanced capabilities. The composition of the Kits is based on decades of military EOD and public safety Bomb Technician experience of Med-Eng team members. Alternatively, end users can build their own customized system of capability Modules – or Kits and Modules – based on their unique operational requirements.

Med-Eng BombTec HAL Standard Hook And Line Kit

Med-Eng offers the Avenger robot for EOD, Bomb Disposal and other CBRNe operations. The Avenger is a mid-size Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) with many of the capabilities of a larger platform. It has exceptional reach and lifting capabilities, and can easily reach over and under obstacles to grasp a target or deploy X-Ray systems, disruptors, EOD tools and sensors. Avenger is fitted with an integral On-Board PC providing additional/expanding capability, allowing integration of 3rd party equipment.

Med-Eng Avenger EOD Robot

Med-Eng BlastTracker Blast Dosimeter Sensor

Med-Eng has 15 years of proven experience developing military grade sensor and software solutions for blast exposure monitoring, including personnel-worn and vehicle-mounted blast sensors. Blast and noise information is accurately recorded and intuitively analyzed to help end users understand threat levels in dynamic environments. This capability can reduce unnecessary exposure during training and operations. Med-Eng continues to apply its resident expertise in this field to develop its Blast Tracker® technology to help customers improve operator safety by modifying tactics for training and operations.

Med-Eng Lightweight Demining Helmet

Med-Eng continuously adopts enabling technologies to augment the capabilities of the modern warrior, aiming to significantly enhance situational awareness through a select array of helmet mounted sensors coupled with a Heads Up Display (HUD) tailored to EOD and other helmets. The Company has a demonstrated ability to design hardware solutions that provide an integrated sensor capability to the warrior that seamlessly operates from a central power system and electronics control module through smart technology. Med-Eng has integrated both threat and environmental sensors, e.g., CBRN, as well as night vision and thermal sensors, on a common helmet platform with "plug and play" capability through innovative firmware and hardware architectures, depending on the user requirements.

Med-Eng has manufacturing operations in both the United States and Canada, and has been a brand of The Safariland Group since 2013.