Innovation conference sparks collaboration to reduce risks of landmines and other explosive ordnance

Geneva, Switzerland – November 16, 2023

The GICHD Innovation Conference 2023, a groundbreaking event aimed at harnessing the potential of innovation to reduce the risks caused by landmines, cluster munitions and other explosive ordnance, came to a successful close today. The conference, which ran from the 14th to 16th of November, welcomed over 300 participants from more than 200 organisations operating in over 60 countries and territories. This event brought together the global community working in humanitarian demining, ammunition management, and innovation, serving as a unique platform to promote dynamic collaboration.

“Innovation must start with people and their needs,” says GICHD Director Ambassador Stefano Toscano. “We are striving to find sustainable solutions, so we need to make sure that we focus on viable ways to address the challenges faced both by the sectors we operate in and by the communities we serve.”

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Source: GICHD