Gas Gas Gas NATO forces strengthen CBRN skills

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Specialists (CBRN) Soldiers with the 39th Brigade Support Battalion conducted joint training with the Bulgarian Army’s 38th Chemical Battalion to show the CBRN capabilities and help grow for the future at Novo Selo Training Area, Bulgaria (NSTA) Sept. 20-29, 2022.

“I know from the outside looking in, it looks like we are just a bunch of crazy people running around in suits,” said Spc John Netherland, a CBRN Specialist in 39th BEB. “We are chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear specialists. Our job is to locate, mitigate, decon (decontaminate), and control areas that have had chemical warfare agent attacks or are of high risk because of these possibilities.

What we do is we go in, mark off the area, take samples exploit the site, whether it be cell phones, actual liquid samples, or solid samples, take care of any casualties down on site, and bring back as much information we can back to higher up so we can show what our NATO allies should be on the lookout for.”

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Source: DVIDS