EOD Mobile Unit and Croatian Navy Conduct Humanitarian Mine Action Training

SPLIT, Croatia – Sailors from Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit (EODMU) Eight, subordinate command of Commander, Task Force (CTF) 68, facilitated Department of Defense (DoD) Humanitarian Mine Action (HMA) EOD Level 2 training to the Croatian Navy’s underwater EOD team at Lora Naval Base in Split, Croatia, Dec. 1-21, 2020.

The training was the second of an extensive three-part series ranging from essential ordnance identification to undertaking multiple ordnance threats at once.

“Training evolutions like these between partnered countries help build trust,” said Lt. Jack Smith, commander, EOD Platoon 3-1. “The HMA training is a DoD and Sixth Fleet priority, where we will be establishing a future standard of excellence for all of Europe.”

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Source: U.S. Navy