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DSA Detection manufactures X-ray correct inert explosive simulants, IED training aids, and test articles used to train first responders to quickly identify and mitigate threats. Additionally, DSA offers in-depth classroom and LMS training, taught by our own master EOD technician, for threat recognition and security equipment operation, tailored to meet all skill levels.

Accurate Material Discrimination in X-Ray


At DSA Detection, the EOD and engineering experts work together to create both scientifically and field accurate replicas of the IEDs, weapons, and narcotics which pose the highest threat level. Each inert simulant possesses the exact density and material class of the threat it is simulating, rendering those products X-ray, visually, and tactilely correct. In addition to our simulants, many DSA IED training aids exactly replicate actual devices which have been used around the world. The accuracy of our training aids is perfect for testing the strengths and limitations of your equipment and procedures in various settings.


Subject-Specific IED Kits


The wealth of knowledge and the variety of training aids offered by DSA are organized into kits which are most beneficial to specific circumstances and responders. DSA offers an EOD Render Safe Training Kit, IED Circuit Kit, Explosives Kit, and a Blasting Caps Kit to name a few.


We Will Customize

tire-iedBeyond the commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) kits, DSA’s experts make every effort to accommodate custom design requests. Whether approached with a list of custom items, or offering design guidance based on threats specific to your country or niche, DSA will ensure the most relevant and accurate training aids are received.


Why Training Aids?

DSA Detection’s Director of Explosives Technology has been an explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) master since 1987, and he believes first responders are best prepared by practicing with accurate and safe training aids. Our products allow first responders to have hands-on training to see how threats look and feel, learn to recognize them in X-ray images of varying difficulty, and to be tested on a recurring basis.

Train with DSA

In addition to designing inert IEDs and other inert threats, DSA offers both online and classroom-based courses which result in course-relevant certifications from DSA Detection upon successful completion. The online courses are interactive, simulating a classroom atmosphere with instructor-led videos and demonstrations. The on-site courses can be provided at your location or at the DSA headquarters near Boston, Massachusetts.

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