DASA Open Call for Innovation – update

The Open Call exists to offer suppliers the opportunity to submit their ideas to defence and security stakeholders.

The Open Call welcomes innovations that address any defence challenge, or innovations that address security challenges where there is a relevant security Innovation Focus Area (IFA). Please see some examples of work we have funded here.

The Open Call is open for proposals all year round, with assessment dates scheduled across the year. More information on assessment dates can be found on GOV.UK website.

Whilst we welcome a range of ideas and innovations, there are also some specific Innovation Focus Areas (IFAs) where proposals are sought:

  • Reducing Reliance on Global Navigation Satellite Systems Quantum Augmented Position, Navigation and Timing Sensing Capability (IFA025)
  • Integrate Information and Physical Activity Across all Domains (IFA020)
  • Delivering Agile Command and Control (IFA021)
  • Operate and Deliver Effects in Contested Domains (IFA022)
  • Defence People – Skills, Knowledge and Experience (IFA023)
  • Simulating Future Battlespace Complexity (IFA024)

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Source: GOV.UK