Danish, German Authorities Detain 14 Suspects In Counter-Terrorism Operation

Authorities in Denmark and Germany have arrested a total of 14 people in the last week on suspicion of planning “one or more” terrorist attacks, according to the Danish Security and Intelligence Service.

The agency, known as PET, said in a release that it had detained 13 suspects in separate incidents, and that German authorities had arrested another person in a case “linked” to the investigation.

Working with police, PET said it arrested seven people between Feb. 6 and 8, on attempted terrorism charges. The suspects are charged with acquiring “ingredients and components for manufacturing explosives” and firearms, or aiding and abetting in the offense. The Court of Holbæk — about 40 miles west of Copenhagen — ordered the detention of another six people on Thursday, PET said, adding that those individuals are “all involved in the case.”

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Source: NPR