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Thales UK is a trusted global leader delivering technology to the defence, government and critical national infrastructure markets. Thales has always been at the forefront of technology and has supplied the UK’s Armed Forces with world-leading capabilities for over 100 years. Working with partners to invest over £130m in R&D in the UK annually our UK engineering base, including 4,500 highly skilled engineers, provide both sovereign capability as well as cutting-edge export capabilities.

Thales invests heavily in the four technological pillars of connectivity/IoT, Big Data, AI and cybersecurity developing solutions for data-driven capabilities from autonomous platforms to secure clouds, cyber-protected communications, waveform development, and self-learning radars. With our unique range of technologies and services we are a trusted partner for our customers in their digital transformation. With this comes dedicated support and fully managed services to help customers adapt to ever-changing operational environments and evolving threats.

For over 60 years, Thales in the UK has pioneered the increasingly complex science of electronic surveillance. Thales Electronic Warfare (EW) solutions continuously protect British servicemen and women, and the platforms on which they serve – and in turn, civilian populations all over the world.

Thales in the UK has been at the leading edge of Electronic Warfare and Electronic Support Measures (ESM) since the days of radar when the science of listening was far more straightforward than it is today. With the competitive nature of intelligence gathering and the resultant evolution of technology over the following decades, we continue to lead the way.

Thales’s Counter Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device (C-RCIED) systems are part of our complete Electronic Warfare suite. They protect vehicles and individuals by preventing the radio controlled detonation of improvised explosive devices.

Our solutions range from the provision of products through to complete systems. Products include Storm-H, which provides man-worn individual RCIED protection and vehicle protection from Eclipse. We are a recognised UK leader in the provision of complete ECM integration services for EOD and Force Protection vehicles. Thales draws on best of breed technology of our own, as well as that from other suppliers. In addition, Thales’s skilled capability in waveform development enables us to counter the ever-evolving threats posed by adversaries.

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