Serim Research Corporation


Serim Research Corporation is an independent research, development and manufacturing company that specializes in innovative dry reagent test strip technology used in the Discern® HME kits. Serim test strips provide the advantages of being able to analyze samples at the point-of-use using a simple procedure that can be performed with little training, no special equipment and avoids the inconvenience of storing, handling, and mixing hazardous liquid reagents. Serim’s new Discern® HME Detection Kit identifies and distinguishes compounds used in HMEs, such as nitrate-based fertilizers and peroxide, chlorate and perchlorate compounds. The point-of-use test is easy-to-use, light weight, cost-effective, non-hazardous and yields accurate results rapidly. In business since 1988, our fully integrated Research & Development/Manufacturing Center is a 32,630-square-foot, FDA-registered facility certified to ISO 9001 and 13485.

Benefits of the kit are:

Affordable – Low purchase price and maintenance free.

Comprehensive – The only kit of its type to offer such an extensive range of explosive categories detected at trace level.

Single use – 100% recyclable. Paper based test format. Individually sealed to avoid cross contamination.

Compact – Ultra light weight paper card. Foldable, easy to store individually or in bulk.

Safe – Contains no hazardous or corrosive liquids. The test kit does NOT require operators to sequentially apply any reagents via dropper bottles or spray cans nor is it required to break ampoules or liquid carriers in specific sequence in order to achieve detection.

No supplementary equipment required – The kits do not require supplementary equipment such as heaters, battery operated electronic gadgets or burners.

Easy to use – Simple test procedure, which requires minimal training.

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