SENSYS – Magnetometers & Survey Solutions

SENSYS was founded in 1990 by Dr.-Ing. Andreas Fischer. With his mission to always serve customers specific needs, the company became a leading provider of magnetic and electromagnetic survey systems and components.

Measure. Detect. Protect.

SENSYS mission is to pay in on safety, supplying survey devices and solutions for non-destructive evaluation of areas. As a developer and manufacturer our task is to investigate into survey methods and cover them with hardware and software, made to operate in the field. We support those in the field who are driven to improve and protect all of us.

Vehicle towed magnetometer array in a project in Azerbaijan, clearing a former Sowjet shooting range for agricultural use in 2016.

With our solutions, we serve EOD technicians to detect buried ammunition, archaeologists to prospect large landscapes and geophysicists for their scientific or exploration challenges.

Handheld bomb locator for land and shallow water with data logging and GPS capability.

As we know, that just being there in the field can be challenging, we always stay aside to support, assist and maintain our devices so that the operation can continue. Our clients behave in very sensitive environments, thus customer service is a key for us – and them. On missions around the globe such as Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia or Iraq clients rely on our devices and our availability to keep their project going.

Multi sensor survey system on ROVs for Nearshore and Offshore UXO search and clearance as used during wind farm construction on Baltic Sea.

Our magnetometers and survey solutions are made to measure, detect and protect whatever is in danger.

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